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Taybeh: Learning through activities is essential towards interactive education

March 13, 2019

Taybeh: Learning through activities is essential towards interactive education

TAYBEH - Mr. Hanna Basir, the school principal in the Latin Patriarchate school in Taybeh, confirmed the importance of trying new and modern methods in the learning process, as the traditional ways had proved its failure.

He is a firm believer in adopting activities in education as it encourages our students through their active participation in the educational process. when the student turns to be the focus of the educational process and the teacher is the facilitator of this process, we encourage students and motivate them through their psychological and moral support.

In addition to allowing them to make more simple projects and presentation in the classroom to open the door to debate and active dialogue that breaks the boredom, routine and follow the strategy of active learning, which is reflected in our schools, especially during math and social study classes.

Liza Taye’, the math teacher for the first graders confirmed the importance of such activities, through choosing a variety of activities and questions, all the students will be able to participate while taking into consideration individual differences among students.

by following this method, we were able to create a classroom environment which is full of excitement and suspense, away from boredom and routine while achieving great results in improving students’ educational level.


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