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BEIT JALA: 7th graders perform “the Palestinian Prisoner” play

March 13, 2019

BEIT JALA: 7th graders perform “the Palestinian Prisoner” play

BEIT JALA - The Social department at the Latin Patriarchate school in Beit Jala supervised a play titled “the Palestinian Prisoner”, played by 7th graders, under the supervision of their teacher, Ms. Nathalie Haymour in the school’s hall.

The festival started with a speech from the school principal, who talked about the national aspect of the play, then students stand still to the Palestinian anthem. the festival included other activities, were all highlighted the importance of the Palestinian cause and how the sequences of the colonization are affecting everyone in the society.

the play presented a regular Palestinian family, whom its son was arrested by the colonial. we see the family struggle to visit her son, who, despite all the agony he lives in, still full of hope that he will be free. the play ends with his release from the prison, and how the family receives this news with happiness.

At the end of the festival, Mr. Suhail extended his thanks to the participants, especially the participating students in the play who have already made an interesting presentation in addition to teacher Natalie Haymour, who worked with the students for a long time in directing this play, he also thanked George Salsa’, who worked on the sound recording.

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