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Ein Arik - Land Day Commemoration

April 27, 2019

Ein Arik - Land Day Commemoration

Ein Arik: The Latin Patriarchate School in Ein Arik commemorated the 43rd Land day with various activities that included speeches and poems by the students, followed by a Palestinian Dabkeh show, in addition to an activity made by students in which they planted olive trees in the school garden.

Land Day is celebrated on March 30, is a day of commemoration for Palestinians of the events of that date in 1976. In 1976, in response to the Israeli government's announcement of a plan to expropriate thousands of dunams of land for state purposes, a general strike and marches were organized in Arab towns from the Galilee to the Naqab. In the ensuing confrontations with the Israeli army and police, six unarmed Arab citizens were killed, about one hundred were wounded, and hundreds of others arrested.

Scholarship on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict recognizes Land Day as a pivotal event in the struggle over land and in the relationship of Arab citizens to the Israeli state and body politic. It is significant in that it was the first time since 1948 that Arabs in Israel organized the response to Israeli policies as a Palestinian national collective. An important annual day of commemoration in the Palestinian national political calendar ever since it is marked not only by Arab citizens of Israel but also by Palestinians all over the world.

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