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Birzeit: A trip to Bethlehem

May 09, 2019

Birzeit: A trip to Bethlehem

Birzeit: The Latin Patriarchate School in Birzeit organized its annual trip for its students to Bethlehem Governorate. the students visited its mountains, forests, historic, religious, and touristic places.

The students hiked in Beit Jala, visited ​​Solomon's pools and the museums there. 

They concluded their trip by a visit to Nativity Church, the birthplace of Christ. Students listened to a full description of the history of the place, and its touristic and national importance.

It is worth mentioning that this trip was organized in cooperation with the Wildlife Society in Beit Sahour, in which they organized the trip program. They also accompanied the students and gave explanations and answered questions.

W extended our thanks and appreciation for our teachers, Hanna Fawadleh and Samer Hassan for accompanying students. and we also thank students for their commitment and all those who contributed to the planning and preparing for the trip.

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