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Beit Sahour: Open day for students.

May 09, 2019

Beit Sahour: Open day for students.

Beit Sahour - The Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Sahour organized an open day on Saturday, April 13, 2019, in the presence of the teaching and administrative bodies and the students.

The open day included a series of activities and events, that started with the scientific and technical exhibition that was initiated by the school principal, Anton Jaraiseh, with all the administrative and teaching staff and students. The exhibition presented students work and project that they worked on during the semester. Also, students participated in recreational competitions and games.

The student council played an active role in organizing and arranging the day, as well as preparing healthy meals, which were sold to students in order to promote the importance of healthy food.

We thank all those who contributed to the success of this day, teachers and students, and thanks and appreciation also to the students Council in the school, we appreciate your work and excellence in serving your classmates and the school.

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