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Taybeh: Organizing the 2022 Chess League.

March 30, 2022

Taybeh: Organizing the 2022 Chess League.

Taybeh: The Department of Physical Education at the Latin Patriarchate School in Taybeh, represented by the teacher, Maysa Jabr, organized a chess tournament with the participation of students from the sixth to twelfth grades, where the number of participating students reached 32 students who were divided into 4 groups and the winners were:

The first group - student Suleiman Hashish from the tenth grade.

The second group - student Muhammad Hanawi, from the twelfth grade, literary.

The third group - student Muhannad Manna, from the sixth grade.

Fourth group - student Samer Manna from the ninth grade.

The student, Suleiman Hashish, from the tenth grade, won first place.

The student, Samer Manna, from the ninth grade, ranked second.

They were honored by the school principle, Mr. Tamer Nasrallah.


Blessings to all the winners.


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