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Ramallah: General Administration: Creativity Day

April 21, 2022

Ramallah: General Administration: Creativity Day

Ramallah: Since the beginning of the school year, the General Administration of Latin Patriarchate Schools has launched the “Creative Student” competition, which targets students from the seventh grade to the eleventh grade in all the Latin Patriarchate schools in Palestine, in five fields : singing, playing, drawing, writing and reading and Dabke. This competition aims to focus on extra-curricular activities in schools for their role in integrating the student’s physical, psychological and emotional development.

These activities work to consolidate the national and cultural identity, as well as it create positive atmosphere competition among students.

To follow up on this competition, an internal committee of our schools was formed from specialized teachers in each field. On Saturday 9/4/2022, the final filtering took place to select the best three students from each field, which will compete in the  final stage, and the finalists for the second stage will be announced within the next two days.

It previous stage  our schools has chosen the best students in each field .


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