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The Teacher and the successful Educato

December 12, 2016


The Teacher and the successful Educator
“Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am.if I then , your Lord and Master have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another›s feet.” (John 13:13)


It is universally acknowledged that Jesus Christ is the first teacher. Evident from the preceding verse that there are certain qualities for the teacher and we conclude that the teacher is characterized by benign qualities, and that when the teacher wants to influence learners, he ought to be a wise educator of sound mind, well-mannered, so that the learners acquire these qualities from him. The school teacher should be characterized with the qualities of the Lord Jesus - give good example, possess initiative, honesty, and empathy for others; such qualities influence students in a positive manner and remain with them throughout life. This is totally different from the role of the modern teacher who does not give priority to the humanitarian, educational qualities, or psychological guidance to learners, as his only concern is to convey the scientific material to learners.


It is evident that there is a world of difference between the educational teacher and the lecturer teacher. If you, dear teacher, know Christ, His qualities and His life, and behave accordingly, you will be a successful teacher and educator who works conscientiously and influences your society positively and please God.

Here are some qualities of the successfulteacher and educator:

- Has clear objectives and works according to a clear cut plan. A touch of creativeness is an absolute necessity.
- Does not expect an immediate positive reaction from the students or their parents. Your influence on them will accompany them throughout their lives.
- Knows when to listen to students and when to ignore them. So do not be tyrannical and listen to your students.
- Has a positive attitude in every situation. The vital positive spirit and creativity create a wide scope of optimism which leads to the desired goal.
- Expects students to succeed, so let the student trust his potentials and talents through stimulus and encouragement.
- Is humorous, there is no necessity for excessive seriousness. Create an atmosphere of fun to leave an impression in the psyche of the students.
- Praises the students, when they deserve it. You must recognize their efforts, within limits of what they have achieved and let them feel that they are always in need to develop and that they can do better.

- Always seeks Innovation because it removes boredom
- Is in harmony with oneself. and tries to act intelligently. There is no need for perplexity, let the things go by easily and spontaneously.
- Keeps in touch with the students’ parents. The teacher must have the ability to communicate with the outside society and involved in numerous societal initiatives because real amelioration in education is completely contingent upon complementary improvement in the wider societal context.
- Enjoys work. There’s no place for a teacher ia teacher who hates the job and does not enjoy teaching. Always remember that teaching is one of the most honorable jobs.
- Adapts to the needs of students. Communication and reaching out to the students will give an idea about the means and ways which help you and help them in overcoming the difficulties in teaching them.
- Is always committed to neutrality. Do not try to impose personal views on them. A teacher’s role is to lead dialogue and debate to create in students the spirit of respect, and to respect others views and how to offer constructive criticism.
- Tries to discover new teaching aids like digital resources nd the modern technological and educational applications because they are more stimulating and efficacious in teaching students.
- Helps the students to overcome their emotional and social problems .Students need guidance and help in solving the problems.
- The teacher never stops learning. Keeping abreast of scientific developments is a necessity to develop oneself and benefit students.
- He is open to others. Learn from your colleagues and consult those with experience.
- He is versed in the subject he/she teaches. Try to deepen and upgrade knowledge in the subject being taught and avoid teaching methods that are more likely to obfuscate the students than enlighten them.
- He is well educated and erudite in many subjects. Reading and Reading and keeping abreast of current events in one’s locale is also a teacher’s responsibility.
- Finally, I summarize all the previously mentioned in one simple sentence. ry to keep in mind that a teacher is like a parent, who teaches each student in a way that parents desire their children to be instructed.


Johny Sa’id
LPJ School - Saint Jouseph


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