The Visit of the New French Consul

General Administration of Latin Patriarchate Schools

On December 12, 2023, the General Administration of  the Latin Patriarchate Schools welcomed the new French Consul General, Mr. Nicolas Cassiandis, alongside Ms. Mathilde Michel, Head of the Cooperation Service, Ms. Loabromovich, and Mr. Stephane, the Educational Cooperation Officer.
Father Dr. Yacoub Rafidi, the General Director of the Patriarchate Schools, extended a cordial welcome to the distinguished guests, emphasizing the importance of their visit in strengthening the bonds and collaboration between the Latin Patriarchate Schools and the French Consulate, along with other associated French institutions. Father Rafidi highlighted on the ongoing efforts to enhance French language in the Latin Patriarchate schools.
In response, the Consul commended on these initiatives, highlighting their importance and urging their continuation for further improvements in French language education. The discussions encompassed various topics, including the prevailing conditions affecting the country and the Latin Patriarchate schools.