A Study Project Titled "Sustainable Tourism and Raising Awareness"

St. Joseph School Nablus

On May 9th, the eleventh-grade students at St. Joseph School Nablus, under the supervision of their teacher, Ms. Wafa Abu Zant, held an online meeting via Zoom. During this session, the students presented their study project titled "Sustainable Tourism and Raising Awareness of Its Importance in the City of Nablus," as part of their project-based learning approach. This initiative was carried out under the guidance of the American training team led by Dr. Steven Kroeger and Dr. David Meller, along with Miss Ann Andriacco, the coordinator of the HOPE program aimed at enhancing education and developing curricula in our schools.

The students expressed their satisfaction with the experience gained through preparing and completing this project, highlighting its positive impact on enriching educational

content and applying it in real-life scenarios. This project significantly contributed to the development of the students' life skills, positively influencing their performance and resulting in outstanding educational outcomes showcased during the project's presentation at the conclusion of the meeting.

The project work included various field visits and meetings with influential community figures and key players in the tourism development sector. Additionally, the students collaborated with several local bodies and institutions, including the Nablus Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This project underscores the importance of partnership between the school and community institutions, which strengthens relationships and broadly serves the educational mission