Standardized French Language Exam

General Administration of Latin Patriarchate Schools

The Supervision Department of the Latin Patriarchate Schools organized a standardized French language exam for seventh-grade students, overseen by Sister Silouane, our French language supervisor. This was followed by an oral exam for the top three students from each school.

The purpose of the standardized exam was to encourage students to develop an interest in the French language, identify areas of weakness, and create remedial plans in preparation for the official DELF exams in the coming years. Additionally, it aimed to foster positive competition among schools.

The top three students received certificates of recognition from the General Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools, Father Dr. Yacoub Rafidi, along with tablets.

Moreover, 14 students were honored. We congratulate our schools and express our gratitude to the administrations and French language teachers for their efforts. The honored students are

· Maria Abu Sa’ada from Latin - Beit Sahour school , With a rate of 96.5%

· Aya Anan Aker from Latin – Nablus school ,with a rate of 96%

· Tatiana Qumsieh from Latin- Beit Sahour school, with a rate of 96%

· Ahmed Abu Laban from Latin - Beit Jala school ,with a rate of 93.5%

· Majd Tamer Sayej from Latin - Birzeit school , with a rate of 93.5%

· Reina Kharoufeh from Latin - Beit Jala school ,with a rate of 91.5%

· Kady Awaissa from Al-Ahliyyah College – Ramallah ,with a rate of 91.5%

· Kanz Salous from Latin School – Nablus, with a rate of 90.5%

· Oriana Emia from Latin School - Beit Jala ,with a rate of 90.5%

· Yousef Dweikat from Latin -Nablus school ,with a rate of 90%

· Adam Qtait from Latin - Zababdeh school ,with a rate of 90%

· Leen Khair from Latin -Beit Sahour school ,with a rate of 89.5%

· Hala Khalil Musallem from Latin - Birzeit school ,with a rate of 88.5%

· Mireil Rami Jaber from Latin Taybeh school ,with a rate of 82%

Congratulations to our students ,we are proud!