Training Workshop Titled "Child Safeguarding- awareness & prevention”

General Administration of Latin Patriarchate Schools

June 6, 2024 , In collaboration with the Projects Department of the Latin Patriarchate - Jerusalem and the Latin Patriarchate Schools, a workshop titled " Child Safeguarding- awareness & prevention " was conducted for Kindergarten teachers and educational counselors from the Latin Patriarchate Schools, which focused on increasing awareness among teachers and educational counselors.

The workshop, presented by the specialist educational counselor Lara Azazian, aimed to enhance the crucial role of educators in protect children from exploitation. It provided the necessary methods and strategies to develop appropriate preventive plans for early childhood stages, aiming to create a completely safe and protected environment for children.

It is noteworthy that this workshop was held at the Latin schools of Beit Jala and Beit Sahour in February, as part of completing a series of workshops for the remaining Latin Patriarchate Schools.

We wish all teachers and educational counselors success in applying what they have learned to protect our children and enhance their safety.