Latin Patriarchate School-Beit Sahour

Historical Overview of the School

The Latin Patriarchate School in Beit Sahour was established in 1965 during the tenure of the parish priest Father Jean Muraytan. At that time, it was a very small school with no more than ten students. With the increasing number of the Latin parish members in Beit Sahour and the overall population growth, the school had to expand to meet the growing educational needs of the people, leading to its transformation into an elementary school.

In the mid-1970s, it extended to become a preparatory school, including a kindergarten for children and nine classes from the first grade to the third preparatory grade (ninth grade currently). This remained the case until the beginning of the current century, when serious efforts were made to develop the school in all aspects, whether academic or environmental. Due to the increasing demand for the school from the children of Beit Sahour, in particular, and the children of the governorate in general, a new floor with five classrooms was built. Additionally, the old building was renovated and maintained, along with all the school facilities and playgrounds. The kindergarten was updated, developed, and its playgrounds and facilities were maintained, housed in a separate building with its own entrance.

In 2002, the launch of the secondary stage was announced, gradually increasing its classes to become a full secondary school. In 2005, the first batch of high school graduates, consisting of eight students, graduated from the school. In 2006, a multi-purpose sports hall was built, serving the students of the school specifically and used by the parish and its various events.

Since the establishment of the school in 1864, its administration had been under the parish priest's responsibility, a status that continued until 1994 when the first secular director of the school, Mr. George Abu Dayyah, was appointed.

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