Latin Patriarchate School-Jifna

Historical Overview of the School

Jifna takes pride in being the second school established by the Patriarchate after Beit Jala School. When Father Bartholomew Kardito settled in Jifna as the parish priest in September 1855, he built a humble house that served as a residence, school, and a place for Sunday prayers. On December 18, 1856, Patriarch Valerga mentioned that Jifna School, which opened a few months earlier, had fifteen students enrolled. When Father Cuderk became the parish priest, he asked Father Jean Mourad to draw up plans for the church, monastery, and school in 1857, and construction began a year after the plans were prepared.

During his tenure, Father Alfred Atiyeh undertook various works and renovations that included the parish and the school. In 1970, he renovated two halls for the school with the support of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher in Switzerland and built a hall for the parish that was also used for the school. He also constructed modern classrooms above it, with a new northern entrance.

During his second tenure in Jifna in 2005, Father Emile Salayta built a new modern kindergarten in the school. Under the leadership of Father Rick Van Wotter and with contributions from several benefactors, the current new school was built during the tenure of Father Johnny.

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