Latin Patriarchate School-Taybeh

Historical Overview of the School

The Latin Patriarchate School in Taybeh was established in 1860 during the tenure of Father Philip Broke, a German national. After strong insistence from the people of Taybeh, the Patriarchate sent Father Philip, who was the first parish priest and was very interested in education. He purchased a piece of land, where the current school stands, and started building four small rooms, one of which was used for Christian education. The number of students at that time was twenty, one of whom was sent to become a priest, Father Daoud.

When Father Katana became the parish priest, he added an eastern playground for the school and built a wall around it. During World War I, the Turks closed the school, and after the war, Father Farouji gave special attention to the school and worked on its development. Father Silvio Brozlin sought to develop the classes in 1945, so he built the second floor of the monastery, with the first floor attended by boys, while the second floor was built for the nuns' monastery, attended by girls. Father Silvio also established the first kindergarten in the town. In 1966, the school became coeducational, and its number of students reached two hundred and twenty students.

In 1975, Father Johnny Sansour became the parish priest, and he was active and enthusiastic. He convinced His Beatitude Patriarch Yacoub Youssef Beltritti of the necessity of building a new school in the town because the school was no longer sufficient, and high school students were going to Ramallah to complete their studies. Therefore, in 1978, the inauguration of the new school, funded by the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher, took place. Under his leadership, the school flourished and developed, and during his tenure, a secular director was appointed to manage the school.

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