Latin Patriarchate School-Ain Arik

Historical Overview of the School

The Latin Patriarchate School in Ain Arik was established in 1885 when Father Hanna Sarina, the priest of the Ramallah parish, began to take care of the parish and the school, which was housed in one of the monastery rooms at that time. It remained that way until it was expanded to include a kindergarten in 1982. In 1990, a modern and independent building for the school was constructed on the monastery grounds west of the church, located near the village center.

In 1994, the school was equipped with a team of highly experienced and certified university staff. In 1997, additional classrooms were built for the school, specifically for the kindergarten. In 1998, a public hall was constructed for the school, equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to meet the school's requirements.

The number of students has significantly increased in recent years, and it is now a mixed elementary school. Students come from Ain Arik and the surrounding villages due to its good academic reputation and safe environment.

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