Latin Patriarchate School-Gaza

Historical Overview of the School

In 1973, the parish priest of Gaza, Father Michel Khadir, revitalized the kindergarten that had been built by Father Hanna Nammari. In 1974, Patriarch Yacoub Beltritti requested Austrian benefactors to build a modern kindergarten and renovate the monastery's wall and church. Patriarch Beltritti also had another dream of building a large, modern school, for which he sought assistance from the Austrian Knights.

Patriarch Beltritti received the plans for the new school from the Knights of Austria and Germany. The inauguration of the new building, including housing for the Rosary Sisters, took place on December 7, 1980. As soon as the school opened its doors, the number of students multiplied many times over. Under the leadership of the parish priest, Father Jalil Awwad, a large wing and a spacious hall for school and pastoral activities were built.

Today, the Latin Patriarchate School - Gaza includes academic stages from kindergarten to the tenth grade. Over the years, the school has enjoyed high-quality education and gained the trust of the local and external community. Its graduates have excelled in various fields during their university studies, securing advanced positions and a prestigious status in society.

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