Historical Overview of the School

After the establishment of the Latin Patriarchate School in Gaza in 1974 and the construction of new buildings and facilities for the school in subsequent years, the need arose to build another modern new school due to the high demand. This was accomplished in 2001.

Father Manuel Musallam, the parish priest at that time, worked on the idea of building a new school, with the help of external assistance and generous donations from Spanish benefactors. The new school was named the Holy Family in 2001, commemorating the passage of the Holy Family from Gaza to Egypt.

Today, the Holy Family School is one of the most important schools of the Latin Patriarchate in Palestine and one of the best in the region. It provides a high level of education, supports cultural exchange, and offers a suitable and safe environment for exceptional education for all.

The school now includes all educational stages: kindergarten, elementary, and secondary. The number of students is 700.

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