Latin patriarchate school-Birzeit

Historical Overview of the School

After the establishment of the parish in Birzeit in 1859, a small school was founded under it. Initially, teaching was conducted in two rooms, one for boys and one for girls, during the tenure of the parish priest Father Alexander Makanyo. Moses Ben Nasser, who became a teacher at the school after joining the Catholic Church, donated the land on which the church and school were built. In 1869, the school had 16 male students and 20 female students.

By 1885, the number of male and female students had increased to 28 and 27, respectively. Sister Therese Habash and Sister Philomene Abyes (from the Rosary Sisters) took care of the education of the female students. During and after World War I, the number of students.

decreased to 20 boys and girls, but it gradually increased over the years. During the tenure of Father Mark Dal Medico (1925-1927), the school's population reached 56 boys and 30 girls.

A significant development occurred at the Birzeit school during Father Anton Bozzo's tenure, which at that time included two classrooms and two rooms for girls, the place of residence for the nuns. Father Anton built new classrooms from local stone, making the school consist of 5 rooms for 281 students in 1953. After the construction was completed, Patriarch Alberto Gori visited the school and the convent, receiving a warm welcome on June 17, 1953, from the 281 male students, 156 female students, and the five nuns led by Sister Emily Isaac.

During Father Emil Salayta's tenure, classes from tenth to twelfth grade were opened in both scientific and literary branches. As a result, it became necessary to build new classrooms, which was accomplished in 2009 when two new floors were added, bringing the total number of students to 450. The second batch graduated in 2008/2009. The secondary branch of the school was named after Father Anton Bozzo, commemorating the fond memory of this illustrious priest who served the school, the parish, and the city of Birzeit for 50 years.

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