Real Madrid

Event Description

Real Madrid Program is a partnership between the Real Madrid Foundation and the Latin Patriarchate schools. It is considered a significant initiative as it provides students with stimulating sports and health education opportunities, focusing on their holistic development through various programs.

The program offers students the chance to learn physical and mental sports skills, such as football, while emphasizing the promotion of moral values and sportsmanship among them. This, in turn, contributes to their positive character development by enhancing their self-confidence, social and leadership skills, and fostering a spirit of competition and collaboration, creating a sportsmanship spirit among them. The Real Madrid program in schools is a valuable opportunity for students to achieve a balance between academic and athletic success.

Additionally, the program provides annual training for teachers, developing their skills in sports and health aspects (such as proper nutrition and good sleep), which they in turn transfer to their students. Currently, two schools are participating in this program, involving over a hundred students.