McGron Grant

Event Description

In partnership with the French Consulate to support the French language in the Latin Patriarchate schools, a grant has been established by the French Consulate for several program such as:
Students exchange program: The students in the Latin patriarchate schools of Taybeh ,Aboud and Biet Sahour have the opportunity to travel to France ,to enrich their educational experience ,exchange their knowledge and develop their French language skills. 
French summer camps: at The Latin schools of  Taybeh, Beit Sahour, Aboud, and Nablus play a crucial role in enhancing students' French language skills ,These camps utilize educational games and activities, often led by French volunteers.
At the Al-Ahliyyah College School, the French grant made a French language classroom equipped with necessary furniture, boards, and interactive devices, to create an engaging environment for the  French language lessons .
Furthermore, this grant supports the schools by providing French volunteers to teach French at the Latin  schools  of Arik and Jifna ,along with hiring  teachers for the first time in the Holy Family School and the Latin Patriarchate School in Gaza.
The Latin Patriarchate schools are diligently working to improve French language education in several ways.