Learning Difficulties

The General Administration of the Latin Patriarchate Schools organized an online training course for teachers from the Latin Patriarchate schools, led by Professor Allday Allan, a lecturer at the University of Alabama in the United States. This course was coordinated and supported by Ms. Nancy Hamminger.

 The primary goal of this course was to provide teachers with essential skills to comprehend and handle student behaviors that lead to behavioral issues within the school environment. Professor Allan, drawing from his expertise, offered insights into tackling these challenges and offered practical strategies , to effectively address and resolve various issues that teachers may encounter.

The training covered three primary levels for dealing with behavioral issues. These levels encompassed:

 • Level One: This level encourages teachers to delve into the root causes of student behavioral problems. By understanding the reasons behind these behaviors, teachers can develop targeted strategies to address and mitigate them.

• Level Two: The training focused on identifying and addressing deficiencies or failures in students' skills and knowledge that may contribute to behavioral problems. By recognizing and addressing these gaps, teachers can proactively work towards creating a supportive learning environment.

• Level Three: Teachers were equipped with practical intervention strategies aimed at modifying and improving student behaviors, fostering a positive learning environment conducive to implement  interventions based on individual student needs.

 By focusing on these levels of thinking, the training enabled teachers to adopt a comprehensive and proactive approach to manage student behavior. The knowledge and skills acquired during this course are expected to have a positive impact, enhancing a more supportive educational environment for students.