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General Administration of Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine


1) Jerusalem: Head Office:

Jafa Gate- Jerusalem 97500

P.O.Box .: 14152

Postal Address: Latin Patriarchate Complex


2) Ramallah: General administration offices

Latin ConventStreet - Rukab Street

Ramallah - Palestine

Tel: + 972-2-2957362

Fax: + 972-2-957360

Director General:       Fr.Jamal Khader gd.lpsp@lpj.org

Webmaster:                info@latin-schools.org

Website:                      www.latin-schools.org

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

General Administration of Schools

With your help, we can complete projects to renovate buildings, purchase lab equipment, school supplies and furniture, as well as many more necessities.
You can even give a poor child the priceless gift of education by providing his or her tuition!
If you feel called to help the students in the schools of The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the bank details are below.

For our friends in Europe:

General Director : Rev Iyad Twal - Itwal@lpj.org

Payment Instructions:

Please pay / transfer to our current account at pax-Bank eG in Germany according to the following instructions

• Beneficiary: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem 

Latin Patriarchate Street. BOP 14152

91141- Jerusalem  Israel

• IBAN (International Bank Account No.) DE 16370601930058029017

• Account with (bank name & address) Pax-Bank eG, Von-Werth-str. 

 25-27, 50670 Cologne, Germany

Please ask your Bank to directly wire through:


WGZ-Bank, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 20, 40227 Duesseldorf with SWIFT-code GENODEDO
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Latin Patriarchate Street. BOP 14152
91141- Jerusalem – Israe

•For our friends in the United States:

 For U.S Dollar currency transfers utilize the following bank address: 
- Intermediary Bank, 

- Credit Suisse, Zurich. 

 - Swift Code: CRESCHZZ80A 

- Favor of:Arab Bank No.49 

- Bethlehem Branch No. 853

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