Vision and mission

The Vision:

High-quality education, managing with the latest methods to have a safe educational environment to enhanced creativity, pluralism, faith, citizenship and human value

The Mission:

Based on its Christian identity and the national history of its schools, the Latin Patriarchate schools seek to improve the quality of education and its environment, in accordance with the best standards, educational policies and humanitarian principles, to qualify and develop human cadres to raise a creative generation, socially active, and enhanced by human values and good citizenship


  • Faith in God.
  •  Love.
  •  Diversity and acceptance of others.
  •   Belonging.
  •  Quality of performance and professionalism of education. 
  • Integrity and transparency.

 Strategic Objectives:

  •  First Objective: Enhancing the quality of education.
  •   Second Objective: Promoting a safe educational environment, human... and professional values.
  •  Third Objective: Developing the institution’s capabilities of the schools at the technical, administrative and financial levels.
  •  Fourth Objective: Strengthening the relationship and cooperation with the local and international communities.