Al-Hayat Kindergarden-Jinen

Historical Overview of the Kindergarden

The Latin Parish in the city of Jenin was established in 1956, and the church is located next to the central bus station in the city center. The first kindergarten was founded in 1970 and was reestablished in 2005.

The current location now houses the present church, the parish priest's monastery, and the monastery for the Rosary Sisters. Also, it accommodates the " Al Hayat" kindergarten, which is affiliated with the Latin Patriarchate Schools, established in 2005 in its new building constructed with the support of an Italian foundation.

The kindergarten consists of four classrooms, accommodating students from kindergarten to preparatory levels, with an enrollment of 80 boys and girls. Al Hayat Kindergarten is

considered one of the exemplary kindergartens within the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine.

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