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NABLUS - Latin Patriarchate School in Nablus celebrates the graduation of its 10th class

June 10, 2019

NABLUS - Latin Patriarchate School in Nablus celebrates the graduation of its 10th class

NABLUS - The Latin Patriarchate School in Nablus celebrated the graduation of its 10th class, on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, under the patronage of Fr. Iyad Twal, Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine and Israel, Mrs. Abeer Hanna, executive director of the LPS, Fr. Juan, the parish priest, Mrs. Anan Al-Atira deputy governor of Nablus Governorate, Mr. Assem Salem, Minister of Transport and Communications, Dr. Maher Abu Mazen, Vice-President of An-Najah National University for Administrative Affairs, Mrs. Khaleda Jarrar, Member of the Legislative Council, Ms. Manar Al-Akr, Head of the General Education Department of the Directorate of Education and other representatives, graduates, students, and their parents.

The ceremony took place in the hall of Najah National University in Nablus, and started with the graduates' entrance procession, and was followed by the Palestinian national anthem and verses from the Bible, read by Nada Khoury.

Dina Dewani, the school principal delivered a welcoming speech for the audience and thanked the General Directorate for the great attention paid to St Joseph School. She also praised the great role of the supporting institutions of the school, especially Nablus governorate, the parents' council, the associations and institutions that implemented its activities in the school.

In addition to the many achievements that were achieved during the previous academic year at the level of the Directorate and the country and the achievement of students. she extended her thanks to all the departments that contributed to such development, she also referred to the annual marathon titles "Palestinian child originality and creativity" that succeeded to gather more than five hundred students and their families to participate in it. At the end of her speech and on the occasion of World Labor Day, the Director honored one of the staff Mr. Faraj Abu Zer, and expressed the school's appreciation for his efforts.

the graduates presented their speech in Arabic,  English, and French languages, both students Bilsan Al-Rutrout and Karim Saife presented the Arabic, and the English was presented by Nadine Sobh, and the French speech was presented by Mustapha Shafi'i.

in his speech, Fr. Twal, addressed the educational reality in the virtual world and modern technology, he highlighted the importance of introducing such technology in the educational process, as it has a greater impact on students minds. he also praised the role of the school and parents in showing their support and accompanying students in this educational journey. he called upon students to focus on their studies and their future life.

 the ceremony was concluded by distributing the certificated and honoring the first three students from each stream. the first was Karem Seife, the second Nadine Subh, and the third Mustafa Breek.

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